Thai Massage 

Slow and rhythmic, each Thai massage posture or movement flows into the next. The therapist uses hands, elbows, thumbs, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like or static stretches. Mild, firm or strong touch techniques are applied for muscle compression, joint mobilization, and accupressure. 

Creating a powerful, singular, healing experience.

Expertly linking together a specific sequence of postures, stretches and touch techniques, each massage session is created and expertly choreographed for you specifically. 

Thai Massage blends the three key elements to good health: Acupressure, Yoga & Meditation. Thai massage has been described as passive yoga. The healing techniques of Thai massage embrace the four states of mind: loving kindness, compassion, joy and balance.

Performed on a floor mat with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than more classic forms of massage. Thai massage is both relaxing and energizing.

We welcome you to experience this ancient, healing therapy from the east.

Thai Massage Table Workshop

In this 6hr workshop students will learn Thai Massage Table techniques that can be incorporated into a Massage Therapy treatment.  A variety of techniques will be explored to increase flexibility, range of motion, increase circulation, joint mobilization, and muscle compression using palming and acupressure like techniques.  Thai Massage is done fully clothed with workout like loose clothing such as yoga pants/shorts and a t-shirt.  Please note this is an introduction to Thai Massage and not a certification course.  A certificate of completion will be given upon completion along with detailed notes.

Instructor: Tara Thomas

2018 Course Offering:

Saturday August 4th


$150+ HST ($169.50)

Location:The Living Room

2454 Main St. London, ON, N6P1P9

(Lambeth, next to Jaydancin)

( 3 CEUS Category A for RMT's)

Please contact Tara Thomas for Registration, Payment must be received in full to hold space.

Thai Herbal Compress Heat Therapy

This form of Thai Massage blends the profound benefits of heat, aroma, herbs and acupressure therapy.

A therapeutic hot compress is applied to muscles and joints. Relieving soreness and pain while increasing levels of flexibility. Experience a profound simultaneously relaxing and energizing effect to body, mind and soul.

The heat penetrates the pores, the skin becomes heated, blood flow is stimulated, resulting in a rapid rebuilding and nourishing of the body's tissues. The herbs hold the heat from the steam to deeply penetrate & relax your muscles.

Thai heat massage is performed on a floor mat with the client wearing loose, light cotton, clothing.

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